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Marabou Symposium

The Marabou Symposia is a series of conferences on nutrition. The conferences have been held in Stockholm, Sweden since 1973.


More than 20 symposia covering different aspects of nutrition have been held, initially on a yearly basis but since 1981 every second year. The most recent symposium took place June 14-16, 2013 and covered “Role of miRNA in Nutrition and Disease”. The proceedings from this symposium can be found on proceedings. The next symposium which has the title "Nutrition, Epigenetics, Genetics: Impact on Health and Disease" will take place June 12 - 14, 2015.


The symposia were originally promoted by Henning Throne-Holst (1895 – 1980). He was the first Chief Executive of the Marabou company, the largest chocolate manufacturer in Sweden which is now part of Mondelēz International. Henning Throne-Holst further demonstrated his support of nutrition research by setting up a foundation, Henning and Johan Throne-Holsts foundation, (information in Swedish only), to support the training of Swedish and Norwegian doctors and scientists for 1 – 2 years postgraduate study abroad on any topic with a nutritional focus.


The Marabou Symposia are sponsored by “Marabou’s foundation for the promotion of nutritional research” an independent foundation set up by a donation from the Marabou company. The scientific programme of the symposia is organised by an independent group of European and North American advisors.